Top 5 Reasons Why iAircon is One of Best Aircon Servicing & Repair Services in Singapore? [ UPDATED 2023]

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At, we are a dedicated air conditioning company, proudly founded in Singapore in 2014. As a small but ambitious business, we have consistently pushed the boundaries of exceptional service, attentively listening to customer feedback and continuously refining our approach to ensure optimal satisfaction.

Our journey began as a one-person operation and has since expanded to a team of 10 passionate professionals. We take immense pride in delivering unparalleled service to our valued customers, ensuring that their needs are met with precision and care.

Our commitment to excellence and continuous improvement drives us to seek new opportunities for growth and enhancement. We warmly invite you to experience our outstanding services, and welcome any feedback or suggestions you may have. Connect with us today to discover the difference.

#1 Reliable Aircon Servicing

At, our mission is to ensure your air-conditioning unit performs optimally with every servicing. We are committed to meticulously cleaning each removable part, big or small, to provide you with an aircon that feels like new.

Our expert technicians pay special attention to the most common removable components, such as the blower fan and drain pan, also known as the condensate or water tray.

Discover the difference of our comprehensive cleaning process and experience a refreshing and efficient air-conditioning system. Learn more about our services today.

Starting from beginning of every cleaning session.

First, when our service teams arrive at your place of aircon servicing, here's what we do:

Upon arrival, iAircon's service teams will always check, and assess the following: 

Cooling Coil/Evaporator Coil, Blower Fan, Drain Pan and Back Coil Area on your wall mounted aircon or all indoor aircon units and outdoor condensing unit (s).

What do we check on the above?

Cooling Coil - Depending how much dirt or jelly-like residue on the coil, which can cause uneven air flow, weakened cooling.

For low or medium severity, we will recommend Addon of our Signature PowerJet Wash ($30 Each Unit Addon) deep cleaning high pressure spray from PowerJet to achieve superior cleaning on the coil without any chemical usage and no dismounting of the aircon unit.

This process can effectively prolong your cooling coil lifespan and restores air flow efficiently at a low price range.

Totally obligations free! If you decide not to go with our suggestions, we will never do the hard sell method to convince you, its up to you always. 


Singapore Most Efficient Aircon Cleaning Service!

With PowerJet Wash, we are able to help many of our clients delay the need to go through the higher priced Chemical Overhaul Service.

Apart from cleaning the cooling coil, during normal servicing, we also use the PowerJet for cleaning the removable parts Blower Fan & Drain Pan, restoring them to 100% brand new like condition!

Blower Fan PowerJet Wash during Aircon Servicing, Restored Like New Again!

Above short video footage of Blower Fan PowerJet Wash was done with true perfection, all fan blades cleaned inside out with highest efficiency.

So Powerful Its Impossible to Miss A Spot!

For more severe cases, that the amount of dust/dirt buildup cannot be cleaned off easily, then we will recommend Chemical Overhaul combined with PowerJet.

During this cleaning process, we will dismount the aircon then dismantle all the parts seperately then clean all the parts with the use of Coil Chemical, this is what we can Aircon Full Service.

Once completed, the aircon units can be fully restored to brand new like condition inside out!

Full Aircon Servicing, dismantle all parts & clean inside out: PowerJet Chemical Overhaul!

Simple Logic: "Cleaned Like New, Works Like New!"

This had been proven and tested again & again!!!

PowerJet Chemical Overhaul aircon service as above includes the most thorough cleaning process with Alkaline based Coil Chemical to act as an accelerant for best cleaning results.

For many vendors without the usage of any pressurized machine like PowerJet, these vendors simply usefully concentrated coil chemical WITHOUT any dilution at all. 

You don't want fully concentrated chemical directly to be used! SShhhhh! This is a trade secret!

And using the normal tap water pressure is totally inefficient to rinse off all of that chemical residue within the entire coil at all!

It's a different story on our end, because we know very clearly that any coil chemical residue within the coil fins can conitnue to "bite in" and corrode away the delicate coil fins.

This is exact reason why we researched heavily, invested a lot of time & effort through the years and ensured our PowerJet aircon cleaning services causes no harm to your aircon units!


All Chemical Overhaul services must come with Free Refrigerant Gas Topup!

* Tip: Any vendor that charges you with very low aircon cleaning services will often charge an exorbitant price for gas checking with topping up. Avoid such vendors are all costs!

We are breaking all rules by raising the standards of aircon cleaning services to the highest standards!

And Yes, there are also other companies whom tried to follow and copy what we do, however many of them failed in sustaining standards.

Fact is: Consistency is key, we've have not only maintained continuously highest standards of aircon servicing, we consistently improved over the years when machines breakdown, we quickly recognized the problems we met and overcome them swiftly.

Quick Summary:

  • When our service teams arrive, the team will always remove all aircon covers, switch on your aircon units for routine check for the following issues such as: "Cooling efficiency, Uneven Air Flow, Rotation of Blower Fan, Any Squeaking Noises, Vibration or any form of abnormalities on your Outdoor Condensing Unit (s)."
  • Upon the assessment, our service team will then advise or recommend the appropriate cleaning methods that truly suits to each & every aircon's physical conditions.
  • Once job is completed, the toilet used during aircon servicing will always be cleaned up as much as possible, sometimes evern cleaner before we do our job!
  • Finally, we will write a detailed service report within our digital invoicing system, process your payment either through Cash or PayNow then all PDF invoices are sent to your email account and also through WhatsApp too! No more messy unreadable handwritings or losing paper invoices when thrown away accidentally!


#2 Our Belief & Promise

Everyone has a little OCD, our OCD is cleaning your aircon with utmost effort and we take huge pride in it.

We've helped many folks with water leaking aircon problems, condensation issues, not cooling at all, moldy and funky smell emitting from their aircon units, even the worst cases such as refrigerant gas leakage.

We have proven track records with Genuine 5 Stars Reviews on Google and receive fabulous direct feedback from our clients repeatedly.

Here's one from Ms. Margaret Lim.


Amazing After Service 90 Days Warranty.
Against Water Leakage & Not Cooling Issues!

Quick Summary:

  • Our aircon cleaning service teams are trained to be consistently providing professional standards on aircon cleaning efficiency 
  • Exactly why the confidence of providing 90 Days After Service Warranty Against Aircon Water Leakage & Not Cooling Issues
  • After Service Warranty is prioritized to normal bookings, we will be back to rectify any issue in a flash without further charges
  • Not only our aircon cleaning quality beat industry standards, our digital invoicing system & clear service reports brings great joy to the earth too!
  • Proven track records with 5 Stars Reviews on Google

#3 Easy Booking Online & Waste No Time!

The perfect online booking made  for you! Everyone is busy with their jobs, bonding with family and kids etc.

The focus is customer centric, that anyone can simply pick their phone, place their booking easily online, anytime, anywhere as long you have network. 

Our Web App services is 99.99% SLA  Uptime & backup link is @ for the Easy Booking Online.

24/7 All year round 365 days at your own convenience. 

We've made the booking process super fast & easy that everyone is loving it! Simply try Easy Booking on https://iAircon.Repair/easy-booking now!

No more waiting time on the phone calls, listening to: "Your call is important to us bla bla bla"...  Being putting on hold & listening low quality music loops!

We've eliminated all that the guess & check for availabilities. Booking done in real-time synced to our "Live" job schedule. You can pay online with credit cards securely, we use Stripe as our payment gateway!

We have AUTO SMS & EMAIL REMINDERS for all bookings made!
Our booking system will send a gentle email reminder 12 hours before and SMS reminder 2 hours before your booking time slot!

Never forget about your bookings anymore. 

For Paid Quarterly Annual Maintenance Contract Customers, email and SMS reminders are sent on due months, with a dedicated booking link @
If interested? Take a look at our AMC packages @

Making changes to our bookings, Cancellations & Adding to your favourite Calendars is within clicks on the booking confirmation email.

Quick Summary:

  • Our state of the art technology on processing all online bookings for everyone is instant confirmation, only when there is a need to make any adjustments then we will contact you
  • Email & SMS reminders are sent promptly,  we avoided long waiting calls, so you can enjoy more time doing much more important for life
  • All bookings made will instant create a dedicated customer account profile on our database, you can be able to retrieve all service reports, invoices within a few clicks! No more paper invoices to lose & being misplaced!


All our aircon servicing & repairs comes with clear detailed service reports attached as Digital PDF invoices sent to your email once payment is made. This is exceptionally best for multi-property owners, property agents & landlords.

Every service report is saved on our cloud based CRM system, each customer account has its own unique portal link to review all records of servicing 24/7 anytime and anywhere.

Say good bye to losing paper invoices & records!

Here's how our aircon servcing invoice looks like!

Customer information masked for privacy protection :D This is only a simple service report.

For cases with more complications, we will provide comprehensive details such what fault was detected, cost of repair, if refrigerant aircon gas topup was done, what pressure before & after topup pressure etc.

Quick Summary:

  • Simple detailed service reports will always be furnished to after service with full transparency on all the jobs done
  • Details are typed out and in simple English, no more messy handwritings which can be difficult to read like Doctors' writings lol...
  • This is exceptionally best for landlords, when tenants submit to service reports, everything will be clear and act as fraud protection, written receipts or invoices can be fake
  • Written receipts or invoices can be misplaced then you will need to waste precious time to call or search high and low for them. For us, all you need is to search within email or WhatsApp, as our invoicing system will also send a copy to your WhatsApp chat for easy references

#5 Precision Gas Leakage Checking 100% Accuracy

We only use digital gas pressure device for all gas pressure checking and during topup, we always co-refer to Digital Ampere for best accuracy without overcharging gas pressure to your system!

Still in search for the best aircon servicing in Singapore?

Look no further, iAircon is your best choice ever made!

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